Lunch Menu

Salads, Wraps and Light Meals:

Sumac Roasted Aubergine Fattoush Salad

with Roasted Red Peppers, Cos Lettuce, Rosa tomatoes, cucumber, crumbled feta, parsley, mint, red onion, cubed garlic herb bread and dates tossed in a sumac dressing (V)


Thai Satay Chicken Salad

served on a bed of Cos Lettuce, zucchini ribbons, julienne carrots, red pepper, red cabbage, spring onion, Rosa Tomatoes, cucumber, coriander, toasted peanuts, coconut flakes tossed in a sweet peanut dressing


Toasted BBQ Chicken Mayo Crunch Wrap

Cos Lettuce, Pickled Jalapenos, Grated White Cheddar, Doritos and BBQ Chicken Mayo served with Sour Cream, Pico de galo and Guacamole and a chef’s choice side salad


Spinach and Feta Wrap

filled with baby spinach leaves, marinated mushrooms, roasted red peppers, Hillcrest Olives, toasted Walnuts and whipped feta mousse served with a chef’s choice side salad (V)


Crispy flatbread

topped with Harissa roast butternut, Old Smokey Chorizo with smoked jalapeno, red pepper pesto, oven roast tomatoes, bocconcini, rocket, pickled red onion and toasted walnuts


Mini Baked Savory Cheesecake

Biltong, White Cheddar, Danish Feta and herbs served with toasty bread and a chef’s choice side salad


Tables Mezze Vegetarian platter

with Babaghanoush, Sundried Tomato Hummus, Tzatziki, Chargrilled Veg, Roasted Red Peppers, Oven Roasted Tomatoes, Marinated Feta and Hillcrest Olives served with a garlic herb flatbread and a chef’s choice side salad (V)


Imams delight, Middle Eastern dish

with rocket, brinjals, feta, caponata, vegetable crisp, balsamic reduction and herbed garlic flat-bread (V)


Open Faced Pulled Hoisin Duck Taco

crispy fried taco topped with a coleslaw, sliced jalapenos, fresh radishes, pickled red onion, sour cream and a grilled pineapple relish




Tables Meat Platter with a selection of cold meats, Salami stick,
Hillcrest olives, and a selection of homemade preserves with a freshly baked ciabatta


Tables Cheese Platter
with 4 cheeses, Hillcrest olives, fresh seasonal fruit and a selection of homemade preserves, with a freshly baked ciabatta


Add on to your platter:
Hummus / Tzatziki / Pesto / Cheese of the day / Hillcrest Olives / Ciabatta / Garlic flat bread

@R15 each

Add on to your platter:
Cold meat / Salami Sticks / Smoked Salmon

@R85 each

Main Meals:

Table’s home-made 100% pure beef 200g gourmet burger

served on a Portuguese style sweet potato roll, rocket, tomato, bacon, Colby cheddar, sweet and sour pineapple relish BBQ salted hand cut chips


BBQ pulled pork toasted ciabatta

with red cabbage, caramelized apple, horseradish Mayo, Colby cheddar, tomato and rocket served with a side of BBQ salted hand cut chips and onion crisp


Coca Cola Pulled Chicken Slider

served on a seeded Kitka Roll, Roasted Jalapeno & Bacon Mayo, tomato, topped with an apple cabbage slaw served with BBQ salted hand cut chips


Chef choice pasta of the day

please ask your waitron


Beer battered fish and chips

served with a classic tartar sauce and chef’s side salad


    250g wet aged coffee rubbed Sirloin

with chimichurri sauce served with an arugula salad and hand cut BBQ salted chips


Slow Cooked Pulled Beef Brisket Sloppy Joe

served on toasted sweet potato roll, Dijon honey mustard mayo, pickled red cabbage, tomato, onion crisp and BBQ salted hand cut chips


Harissa Grilled Chicken Breast stack

served on a toasted tortilla, rocket, tomato, char grilled peppers, brinjal, zucchini, onion crisp, honey-yoghurt-harissa sauce, cilantro crema and a chef’s side salad


Tables Spicy-Lamb Flatbread “keema chapati”

fragrant ground lamb, served on an oval flatbread topped with pickled onions and rocket, drizzled in spiced herb yoghurt served with a side of an East African Tomato Chutney and fresh lemon



Vanilla sundae

with flaked almonds, served in a wafer cup, choice of

Homemade hot chocolate or butterscotch sauce


Crème brulee of the day

please ask your waitron


Tables Deconstructed Fluffernutter

Peanut Butter Mousse, marshmallow fluff, served on top of bacon infused chocolate brownie crumble, peanut brittle


Coconut Panna Cotta

served with a Pineapple Coulis, Passion Fruit Parfait and a cardamom sable


Tables Cookie Dough Semifreddo

served on a chocolate chip cookie crumble and a salted caramel drizzle